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Vincent and Madeleine DePhilippis

Richard , Mary, Luigina, Alfred, Vince, Roberto & William

Robert, Micheal, Mark, Danny, Tommy, Teddy, Debbie, Jimmy, Judy, Barbara, Robert, Joanne, Micheal, Audrey, Gail, Sharon, Caroline, Allen, Dianne, Eric, Deanne, Ricky, Tony, Vincent, Lauri, Stevie, Sherry & Mickey

Andre, Robert Jr., Michelle, Sergio, Dominique, Cassandra, Tiffany, Juliette, Vincent, Andrea, Danny Jr., Alissa, Ashley, Thomas-Micheal, Matthew, Victoria, Patricia, Stephanie, Latisha, Gina, David, Daniel, Greg, Lisa, Doug, Micheal, Brian, Wendy, Joey, Matthew, Vincent, Lucas, Melena, Angelina, Ashley, Anastasia, Ricky Jr., Nicolas, Lindsey, Elisabeth, Kristen, Randy, Ryan, Ricky, Nicholas, Mike & Victoria

Jessica, Katherine, Joseph, Valerie, Desiree, William & Kaelynn

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